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A N N E   R U S H

Anne Rush : Artist Statement


Since 2000 I have produced a body of artwork that searches for peace in an uncertain world, offering momentary respite for the mind from the external distractions of the everyday.


These installations are built to scale for site-specific spaces. They experiment with darkness and light, and incorporate scientific principles of refraction, and kinetics. They change perceptually with the atmospheric conditions they inhabit and are transformative in nature.


It could also be said that the work embodies attributes of the female world.

The installations are hand-built, adapting and aborting traditional craft skills such as knitting and jewelry making using unconventional materials that may include Swarovski crystal, quartz, glass, tarnish-proof silver coated copper wire, stainless steel, Japanese copolymer to name but a few. My implementation tools range from knitting needles, crochet hooks, fingers, pliers, and fastenings of all kinds alongside with more traditional tools.


My career as an artist, has spanned more than three and half decades, and has involved exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography and installation art.


What is Installation art?

‘Installation art’ is a genre that uses three-dimensional art works in site- specific ways to transform human perception and experience of interior spaces creating an immersive experience.


Where can my artistic practice in installation art go?

I would like exhibit my installations in public art galleries or in alternative experimental art spaces associated with collaborative relationships with possibly a curator, other art form practitioners, arts festival directors and programmes.

My installations have a degree of flexibility in the way they can be shown. They can be scaled up or down suit specific locations and are light in weight and relatively easy to pack and transport.