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A N N E   R U S H

Anne Rush

Lucent : An installation


Definition: glowing with or giving off light. Translucent clear


Lucent - An experiential installation 2014

Where: Arthouse Architecture Building (upstairs) above Red Gallery.

Dates: Saturday18th October – Sunday 26th October 2014.

Opening hours: 10.30am-4pm


Lucent is an experiential installation that invites viewers to navigate through darkness into light. Transparent sculptural forms float, rotate, and oscillate with the displacement of air, refracting tiny shards of rainbow lights onto surrounding surfaces. Three years in the making, Lucent will engage and mesmerize the viewer offering a brief respite from the external world.


It could also be said that the work embodies attributes of the female world. The installations are hand-built, adapting and aborting traditional craft skills such as knitting and jewellery making, using unconventional materials that include Swarovski crystal, quartz, glass, tarnish-proof silver coated copper wire, stainless steel and Japanese copolymer. My implementation tools range from knitting needles, crochet hooks, fingers, pliers, and fastenings of all kinds, alongside more traditional tools.


Anne Rush is a Nelson based installation artist. Notable installations include:

Arum – A White Room, Suter Art Gallery 2008 and Bath Street Gallery, Auckland 2010.

Vox Lumens, a collaboration with Scottish artist Heather Burnett Rose, Nelson 2010.

Smaller segments of Lucent were shown at Light Nelson in 2013 and 2014.


Sited in the artist’s large adaptable studio space, and the upstairs foyer of the historic Arthouse Architecture building, this Nelson Arts Festival showing is the premiere showing of the completed Lucent installation.


Lucent III - A suspended kinetic installation. Light Nelson 2014

The third showing of the Lucent series is a family of nine works which were installed above the pond in Pond on the Tasman Street side of the Queens Gardens. Nine elongated, kinetic and rotating forms were suspended on cables above the Pond

Their properties by day and night are similar to stated above. The kinetic parts will hover in space and collectively interplay with each other.


Lucent II - A suspended kinetic installation. Light Nelson 2013

The second showing of the Lucent series was when three large works were installed above the pond in Queens Garden Pond as a project in the inaugural Light Nelson 2013 - a walk in the dark an exhibition of light

Three kinetic and rotating cloud like forms were suspended above the Pond

They refracted light from imbedded crystal in sunlight by day, while at night flooded with white led light the pond below acted as a mirror for mysterious reflection and pattern.


Lucent I - A finalist in the 2012 Wallace Art Awards