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A N N E   R U S H

The Anne Rush Artworks Studio


Location: The Anne Rush Studio is situated above Red Gallery (1 Bridge Street), with the entrance tucked around the corner upstairs in the Arthouse building. I find this studio a very condusive place for an artist to work. Enter and head upstairs to the actual studio space which is housed in one of Nelson’s a historic buildings built by merchant Joseph Cock in 1880 as a warehouse for his business which imported wares for the early and developing town of Nelson..

The studio is large (89sq metres) with a high stud. It has additional storage areas and the expansive upstairs foyer and corridors can also be used as exhibition spaces.

The studio space is sufficiently flexible to present experimental installation pieces to the public. The collaborative installation Vox Lumens with Scottish artist Heather Burnett –Rose was shown as a Fringe event during the 2010 Nelson Arts Festival. The new installation Lucent will feature in the 2014 Nelson Arts Festival programme.



Technical Support

Sam Laidlaw - Technician


Anne has utilised Sam Laidlaw as a technician for the last 10 years. Sam has had a multi faceted career spanning many areas from the building industry to the arts.

Sam was a technical expert during the development of WOW (The World of Wearable Arts) where he had a long track record (1991-2002) as a costume designer, model; stage set builder, special effects designer and manager.

He has worked on many other arts projects such as the Nelson Sculpture Symposium, Nelson Arts Festival, Classic Boat Show and Collingwood Street Trolley Derby.