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A N N E   R U S H

Anne Rush

Universal Light


Universal Light is a series of artworks and small installation that explore concepts of time and space, existence, and the lightness of being. Suspended from the ceiling and walls, diaphanous and transparent sculptural forms rotate, sway, tremble and oscillate with the displacement
of air.


These perceptual experiments play with light in transitory moments, and project shadow play and shards of refracted rainbow lights on to surrounding surfaces. The works change, and respond to the atmospheric conditions they inhabit. Transformative in nature, they aim to engage and mesmerize the viewer.


As an artist I have become increasingly interested in ethereal structures that inhabit space, and hover between something and nothing. I have developed this body of work since early 2010 and have used stainless steel, tarnish proof silver coated copper wire, various metal threads, Swarovski crystal, quartz, glass, acrylic, elastic, plastic, Japanese copolymers and found metal objects.


Frequently the ideas for my work come from the materials themselves and the need to familiarize myself with their unique properties. To touch and manipulate these materials generates wonder and possibility, and the longer I have worked on this series, the more I have come to intuitively realize this experimentation relies on scientific principles such as gravity, energy generated by movement, Newton’s theory of colour when refracting light moves through a prism (Swarovski crystal) and the interplay of shadow and light.


These works can be scaled up or down. They tolerate conditions many other art works would not, such as sunlight, air-conditioning systems etc. Commission enquiries are welcome, and further concepts for installation work in public spaces are in process. I can install any of these works, with the assistance of a technician, in a straightforward way.


For the last decade I have created work that searches for a sense of peace in an uncertain world, offering respite for the mind from the external world.


The Universal Light Series is made up of a series of smaller installations that are either hung in groupings from the ceiling or imbedded into the wall. They have a flexibility in the way they can be configured to different sized environments.








Macrocosm are a series of elongated structures that are hung in groups or clusters. They are created from a variety of materials including: Swarovski crystal, quartz, found metallic objects, silver coated copper wire and stainless steel. The interplay of shadow and light are an important aspect in hanging these small installations. View slide show below.


Network 2012 - A small installation mounted on wall at Bath Street Gallery. Exhibition.

Swarovski crystal, found objects, stainless steel braided wire, silver coated copper wire.  View slide show below.




Temporal is a modular wall mounted installation that can be hung in various ways. Singularly or in multiples and be formatted for site-specific sites. Temporal refract and project scattered shards of rainbow coloured lights onto the wall they are mounted on and change mood with the level of light they inhabit. View slide show below.




Celestial is a series of transparent globe like forms that are suspended from the ceiling and hover and rotate in space. View slide show below.