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A N N E   R U S H


Authors: TRESIDDER, Gail

Source: Nelson Mail, The, 20/10/2010, p014

Abstract: Vox Lumens, by Anne Rush and Heather Burnett-Rose, Anne Rush Artworks Studio, until October 25, then November 2-13.

Reviewed by Gail Tresidder



Since becoming part of this installation of sound and light I have carried the experience with me. It is a gift of ethereal beauty, an enhancement of who I am, who we all are. It would not be overstating it to say that I am seeing other people differently, seeing them for their delicacy, their essential spirit, their innate goodness.


Anne Rush and Heather Burnett-Rose have together created a beautiful, original work of art. It would sit gently in any great gallery of the world and is an amazing achievement. The collaboration between them is one of like minds.


Since becoming a New Zealand citizen, Burnett-Rose has left behind the hard images of earlier work. She says that "living in New Zealand's peaceful beauty has created more peace in my soul and some changes in my art practice".


Rush has moved from the more defined shapes of arum lilies to this pattern of leaves through the moonlight. Her beaded shapes are exquisite stalactites, the crystal prisms catching and reflecting the light and in one of them, 16 white eggs are strung on the silver wire, a potent symbol of life and its fragility.


Soft comfortable pods invite occupation. They rock. Lying there, surrounded by walls draped in soft folds, the floor likewise, and a continuous pattern of changing light on the ceiling, on everything, I thought that if Heaven existed it might be like this. The ghost-like shapes, amorphous shrouds suspended from the ceiling, spirit angels of blue, violet and white. It is also like being in a white womb, safe and warm yet with light and my shadow on the wall, stars on my body.


The combination of abstract white shapes with incredible light effects and a complex and involving soundtrack is both powerful and serene. Burnett-Rose, with Nathan Torvik and Tom Francis, has produced fascinating music of sighs, water, and the universe from their combined imagination.


This is an installation for all ages. It is said every street in every town should have a Vox Lumens where passers-by could take time out from their busy and sometimes stressful day to breathe and recharge.


Vox Lumens takes a break in the week after Labour Weekend and is then open until November 13. Passionately recommended.